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Following many years of individual experience within the field of community management, Kirsten Wagenaar and Peter Staal set up a joint agency, Bind, at the start of 2017.

We are all driven by a great passion for the job. This is why we prefer working with organizations that share our conviction in our methods and, just like us, are willing to put effort into fostering communities. A community cannot be created overnight, and because the process is rooted in behavioural change and a different way of working, the job is never quite done. But for organizations willing to make the investment, the benefits are immense.

Kirsten Wagenaar


Since 2008 I have been involved in a professional capacity in the development and management of dozens of communities. Empowering both community members and organizations through community development makes the impossible possible.
Peter Staal


I believe strongly that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. This conviction, along with a great affinity with the ways in which digital resources can be used in its fulfilment, is what gives me such great pride and pleasure in my work. Our goal at Bind is to allow organizations to utilize their social capital as effectively as possible. People are the heart of our business,which means there’s never a dull day!
Portret Robin

Robin Mai Schroot - Community Consultant

What community management means to me is showing people that working differently really can benefit you and your organization. What drives me is supporting people in achieving this goal. Embrace progress - work in communities!
Portret Kristin

Kristin van der Veen - Community Consultant

Communities have been a part of my life since I build my first digital platform in 2012. Creating new insights is a prominent feature in my work. I like to bring people together who share values, skills and passions. I believe that happiness is easier to find together.
Pieter september 2020


Whether you’re on the internet or in a local bar, you’ll find a community with like-minded souls who can achieve something together. As community manager I think it’s important to listen carefully, set clear goals and remain eager to learn. Bring the right people together, support them and motivate them to achieve their goal. That’s what I like about community management.
Tamar Berger Bind profielfoto

Tamar Berger - Community Consultant

Communities have always been a part of my life. In 2010 I started working with communities on a professional level. Connection is something that everyone longs for and I love that I get to facilitate organisations in designing and implementing an approach based around human connection.

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