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Organizations of the future operate as communities

Meeting the demands of the digital age will require a new way of working. Take for instance the decision-making process. Organizations no longer have the time traditionally taken up by this process through a decision tree. The future belongs to organizations which are made up of multiple autonomously operating communities forming part of the larger whole (so-called pods).

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organisatieverandering door een online community

Community as a tool for organizational change

The larger and more formal the organization, the more resistant to change it will be. What this means for communities or social intranets is that, after implementation, it will still take a long time to change employees’ behaviour. So should the organizational culture be changed first, before investing in a social platform? No – this blog will show you that giving employees a social platform is instrumental in any large-scale organizational change.

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This is why Forum Gelderland has found success in co-creation with citizens [case]

Within the space of a year, Forum Gelderland has already proven itself. In this short period of time almost 8000 people have set up a profile on the forum to discuss policy in fields like housing and public space. With these numbers, the platform far surpasses the ‘old-fashioned’ open sessions for the public. I often see initiatives by local councils and counties fail, so what is it that has made Forum Gelderland so successful?

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