Advice and support in selecting the right tool for your community or social intranet on the basis of factors including type of community, budget, security requirements and implementation time.


Advice and support in implementing and adopting a new software tool within your organization or for external target groups. Bind has extensive experience with well-known international tools such as Workplace by Facebook, Slack, Office 365 and Salesforce. We are also highly familiar with the Dutch market.


Reassessing your working methods to ensure that your underlying organization works in tandem with your community development in the best way possible. This will allow your organization to adapt to outside changes more quickly.


A wide range of diverse open-enrolment courses through Frankwatching, Beeckestijn, SRM and Van der Hilst, as well as in-company for teams. Feel free to get in touch for a tailor-made solution.


Advice and support to help your organization communicate better with the help of community building, social collaboration and behavioural change.


Comprehensive support during implementation of a community project: from strategy to technology, execution and management.


What is the informal flow of information within your organization? Who are the knowledge brokers? Bind utilizes social network analysis to expose the strengths and weaknesses of internal and external company networks.


Bind will assess the level of innovation and openness in your organizational culture. This analysis will be used to formulate a strategy proposal for achieving a more transparent and innovative culture.


What is the right balance between control and freedom for creating self-managed teams or a self-managed organization? What are the tools best used to achieve this goal? Bind provides advice to organizations wishing to operate (partially) as a network.


Bind supports organizations on the long road to digital transformation. We will initiate a process of change centered around employees.


Rather than playing a passive role, today’s consumer wants to put their stamp on the final product. Bind will demonstrate how consumers can have more active involvement in the creation process of strategy and propositions. This approach results in better products and customers for life.


We make both professional and personal use of Dropbox for storing files, Whatsapp for communicating with team members, and Trello for tracking To-Dos. What’s the best way for an organization to ensure that employees have the right tools to carry out their work as efficiently as possible? We will help you set up a digital workplace strategy and will guide your organization through this transition.



Positioning and strategy

A good knowledge of possible competitors, your target group and online behaviour (benchmarking) is essential in choosing the best positioning for you. Strategically, it is important to formulate a clear answer to the questions ‘what’s in it for them’ and ‘what’s in it for us’ – how will this community benefit both its participants and the organization operating it?


After determining your positioning and community strategy, the appropriate technology will be set up. Business requirements and accompanying user stories will act as our guide in this process. Bind provides support during the entire process of selecting a software provider or setting up a custom platform. During this stage we will also formalize the management of the community and lay down guidelines for the various content for the community.

Going live, activation and management

The process of going live provides an opportunity to test and sharpen all new tooling and work processes. For this reason it is advisable to set up a trial among a dedicated core group of users for two months prior to going live. At the end of this trial, the scope of the platform will be extended to the entire target group. It’s good to have a ‘full house’ in place to allow future participants of the platform to hit the ground running. This stage is therefore mainly focussed on enrolment and activation on the basis of tools such as a content and activity schedule.