Developing a strategy for a successful online community. This strategy will contain the target groups which will be included, the targets and their associated key performance indicators (KPIs), the way in which the community will be positioned in relation to other channels, the progression of the stages of growth of the community, the way in which community management will be organized and the way in which members and ambassadors will be involved and activated.


Temporary support for the user management and functional management of the community. Bind will ensure activity in the community with a content and activity schedule based on the community strategy. This schedule contains a daily overview of all planned activities, including for example discussion starters, blog posts, interviews, listicles, conference calls and/or gatherings.


Bind provides comprehensive training in the field of community management. New community managers in organizations will be given on-the-job training. Bind also provides training sessions in-company and at their Utrecht location, from full masterclasses to specific subjects such as moderation; it’s all possible.


Bind will help select the right software to underpin the community. A first round of market research will be carried out on the basis of a list of functional requirements, after which three to five parties will be invited to pitch. Two of these software solutions will be selected and will be run through a proof of concept, which will involve the intended community members. After making a definitive choice, Bind will assist in making the process of going live as smooth as possible. This process will always be trialled first with a small number of members.


Bind will provide support during the implementation, adoption and activation of a social intranet. Based on considerable experience, Bind will implement a different strategy for this than for a community with external target groups. We help organizations to communicate more transparently, to bring the outside world in and to collaborate more efficiently (‘agile working’). To complement this, Bind also has a wide range of training courses in the field of community development and management.


We make both professional and personal use of tools such as Dropbox for storing files, Whatsapp for communicating with team members, and Trello for tracking To-Dos. What’s the best way for an organization to ensure that employees have the right tools to carry out their work as efficiently as possible? Bind will help you set up a digital workplace strategy and will guide your organization through this transition.


In order to benefit from online communities, the organization itself will also have to start operating more like a network. To this end, we will plan interactive sessions for employees and managers. We will also start up an internal community, so that the organization can have a trial run. One of the methods we will discuss is ‘working out loud’: sharing your work in (online) networks.


Today’s consumer no longer wants to play a passive role, but wants influence over the final product. Bind will explain how customers or members can become active contributors in the process of organizational strategy and propositions. To achieve this, we will draw up a strategy with concrete targets.


Most change processes are doomed to fail because they are implemented from the top down. We believe that lasting change requires a ‘movement’. We deploy communities to allow the top level of the organization (formal leaders) to formulate a vision of the future together with the forward thinkers within the organization (informal leaders). This will make the intended change a shared goal.


Positioning and strategy

A good knowledge of possible competitors, your target group and online behaviour (benchmarking) is essential in choosing the best positioning for you. Strategically, it is important to formulate a clear answer to the questions ‘what’s in it for them’ and ‘what’s in it for us’ – how will this community benefit both its participants and the organization operating it?


After determining your positioning and community strategy, the appropriate technology will be set up. Business requirements and accompanying user stories will act as our guide in this process. Bind provides support during the entire process of selecting a software provider or setting up a custom platform. During this stage we will also formalize the management of the community and lay down guidelines for the various content for the community.

Going live, activation and management

The process of going live provides an opportunity to test and sharpen all new tooling and work processes. For this reason it is advisable to set up a trial among a dedicated core group of users for two months prior to going live. At the end of this trial, the scope of the platform will be extended to the entire target group. It’s good to have a ‘full house’ in place to allow future participants of the platform to hit the ground running. This stage is therefore mainly focussed on enrolment and activation on the basis of tools such as a content and activity schedule.